Opening of Concert Hall "Lielais dzintars" in Liepāja

It is with great joy that we greet this day, when the grandiose project of the Great Amber Hall of Liepāja opens its doors in the presence of so many distinguished guests and is at last ready to shine forth as a major music and cultural centre for the whole region of Kurzeme. From now on it will form part of the cultural heritage of the city of Liepāja and will enrich the lives of many generations to come.

This strikingly beautiful multifunctional building will become one of the landmarks and symbols of the city of Liepāja, which visitors from home and abroad will carry away in their memories and will attract others to come and see it with their own eyes.

The Great Amber Hall will now become a fitting home for the Symphony orchestra of Liepāja, which has long deserved it because of its excellent reputation, and will offer a congenial and inspiring environment for young musicians still training for their careers.

As honorary Patroness of this project, I should like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Mr Ints Dālderis as the author of the artistic concept of the project and to the Mayor of Liepāja Mr Uldis Sesks and the city councillors for their untiring efforts in bringing it to completion. My especial thanks go to the famous Austrian architect, Mr Volker Giencke, for the strikingly beautiful and original design of this building, as well as to the team of architects, both Austrian and Latvian, the German acoustics specialists and the local construction experts who have brought the architect’s vision to life.

May the Great Amber Hall of Liepāja become a treasured feature of this city and may the sounds of its music enrich the cultural life of many generations to come!


Liela dzintara atklasasa LTV 07.11.2015