Final Declaration: Imperial Springs Forum Inclusive Sustainable & Resilient Cities in the B&R Initiative

Imperial Springs Declaration

On 29-30 May 2016, the Australia China Friendship and Exchange Association, the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and the World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid jointly held the 2016 Imperial Springs Forum at Imperial Springs in Guangzhou, China under the theme “The Belt and Road Initiative: Inclusive, Sustainable and Resilient Cities.”

The Belt and Road initiative (B&R) undertaken by the Chinese government has significant historical and cultural roots. It is certain to bring win-win cooperation and a broad scope of socio-economic opportunities and benefits to a large number of countries and cities across the world, always in line with the indispensable respect to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries, as well as to their right to choose social systems and development paths.

Given the import and potential global impact of the Belt and Road Initiative and mindful of the principles of ‘negotiation, joint development and sharing’, the Australia China Friendship and Exchange Association, the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and the World Leadership Alliance/Club de Madrid agree to foster:

1. Protection of ecosystems and the environment and the need to tackle climate change to achieve green development;

2. Poverty alleviation;

3. Regional cooperation in trade and economic growth;

4. The enhancement of and collaboration in the design and implementation of and local governance policies for the better development of inclusive, harmonious and tolerantshared societies;

5. People-to-people exchanges in all fields for greater and improved understanding among all civilizations;

6. Exchanges among cities touched by the B&R Initiative, including the establishment of a platform to better facilitate negotiation, communication and cooperation among these cities.

Based on the above, the three parties will actively seek to organize regular high-level, focused Imperial Springs International Fora to address issues of mutual interest and better serve the local economy.

There is only one earth for humanity to thrive. The Belt & Road initiative covers a string of cities along its way, among them famed cities of great historical importance and mega cities with tremendous potential to evolve into inclusive, central cities. Let us collaborate and make a concerted and forceful effort to champion and advance home cities and a healthy and prosperous future for mankind.

30th, May 2016

Imperial Springs Convention Center

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